Can Invisalign permanently fix your teeth?

A precise answer is yes. Invisalign is used for the purpose of permanently fixing and aligning your teeth. But it’s not that simple. A person looking for dental treatment has crooked teeth in some angle and capacity. Invisalign definitely aids in straightening the teeth but if you fall short of maintaining Invisalign or caring for your teeth, it won’t be effective. It’s just like not taking medicine from your doctor. So how should you maintain the Invisalign structure? Read on below.


Maintenance of Invisalign braces

When people used to wear metal braces for all types of dental issues, there were restrictions along with that treatment. For instance, you can’t eat specific foods with metal braces. But Invisalign poses fewer restrictions. 

To properly care for Invisalign braces, you should regularly go to dentist appointments and follow-ups. The patient is required to schedule appointments and if carelessness is shown in this aspect, the efficiency of the Invisalign treatment is severely decreased. Your teeth will not properly straighten out. Therefore, make sure to make time for dentist appointments until the treatment is over. 

Secondly, after the Invisalign braces are removed, the dentist offers a retainer which even people with braces wear after the end of their treatment. The doctor shares instructions to wear the retainer which should be followed diligently. The amount of time needed to wear the Invisalign retainer varies from patient to patient. Some people have to wear it the whole day at the start and then decrease it to a few hours whereas other people are told to wear it for some time in a day from the beginning. The important rule is to follow the doctor’s instructions. 

Bottom line


It’s clear that the efficiency of Invisalign solely depends on the maintenance, care, and commitment invested in the treatment. If done right, the successful results will last permanently. Visit  to learn more about Invisalign.