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An Introduction to Web Hosting

An Introduction to Web Hosting

If you’re making your own website now, you’ve probably started considering your hosting options. If you want a quick rundown on your choices, you have come to the right place.

Shared Hosting:

The popular option for launching new websites or blogs with limited traffic. As the name suggests, you will be expected to share resources with other websites the server hosts. It’s often the cheapest option in the market and requires minimum maintenance. The downside is the potential hacker attacks that come with it, since shared access to the server means access to all the websites stored in it.

Dedicated Hosting:

The polar opposite of shared hosting. There’s only one server dedicated to one website. You’ll have more control over the security and the configurations, as well as plenty of space. Dedicated hosting is more expensive than most hosting options in the market though, so you should invest in it only if you really need it.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting:

This option has more resources and space than shared hosting. Security is better too, since it’s cloud based. The best thing about it is that it’s scalable, and you can adjust the configurations based on what your website needs. You would be in charge of the operating system and the configurations in this type of hosting. If that sounds too technical for you, you can always go for managed VPS hosting. All these features won’t come in cheap, though. VPS is generally costlier than shared hosting.

Now that you have a clear idea of what different types of hosting has to offer, you can pick based on your needs and budget. There are varieties of web hotels available. Things to watch out for while picking a host is bandwidth, storage, security, uptime, and technical support. There are resources like https://webhotel-guiden.dk/find-det-bedste-wordpress-webhotel/ which show you a few options along with their benefits.